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Julia Miranda

Julia Miranda

Growing up in a family of artists, it’s perhaps no surprise that Julia followed in the family tradition.  A childhood spent travelling around Brazil and France has inspired a cast of magical, exotic characters, and bold, rich, atmospheric landscapes, which burst from the page and canvas and reflect her Anglo-Brazilian heritage.

As a painter, she spent several years working from a studio she shared with her father in the hills outside of Rio de Janeiro. Now based in London, she is Artist in Residence at an East End Primary School, where she encourages children to explore image-making and storytelling.

Her journey to children’s book illustration has included a degree in Graphic Design at Brighton University, and more recently an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art for which she received a distinction.

Her entry for the Macmillan Prize 2019 was Highly Commended.

Julia works from her studio in Walthamstow, London where she is currently developing several picture book ideas, including a collaboration with her 5-year-old son on a book of spells.

Represented by Mandy Suhr