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Lu Fraser

Lu Fraser

When Lu opened the cover of ‘The Children of Green Knowe’ she never imagined how great its influence would be on her life. Within its pages, her love of classic children’s literature was born which, many years later, drove Lu to the doors of The Britt Allcroft Company -  the home of Thomas the Tank Engine and the start of a career that culminated in taking this much-loved engine from page to screen. 

As Thomas’s fortunes grew, Lu’s role also expanded, from managing the licensing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to collaborating with the offices in New York and Japan. Soon Lu found herself immersed in Thomas’ life, from script editing and TV liaison to live entertainment and publishing. Other brands soon joined her portfolio but each had one thing in common – every character that she nurtured was hatched from the pages of a book.

With the arrival of her daughter, Lu waved goodbye to Thomas and moved her long-suffering husband to an old, crumbly cottage on the banks of a river. Soon her days were filled with leaky plumbing, a wandering toddler and too many ducks in the sitting room but her passion for writing and her heartfelt love of children’s books remained. 

You can find Lu scribbling her stories in a wonky hut at the end of the garden where the ducks haven’t found her……yet.

Her first picture books were snapped up by Bloomsbury with her debut The Viking Who Liked Icing publishing in 2019 and The Bear You'll Never Leave Behind publishing in 2020.

Represented by Mandy Suhr