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Jane Bartlett

Jane Bartlett

After graduating with a degree in film and literature from Warwick University, Jane began her career as an editor for women's magazines. It was a glamorous job that provided as much free make-up and perfume as she desired. She went on to become a freelance feature writer, working for national newspapers including The Guardian, Daily Mail and Mirror. She has published two adult non-fiction books: Will You Be Mother (Virago 1994) and Parenting with Spirit (Rider 2004). She is now writing fiction for young adults and remembers her teenage years vividly as being a time of great awakening, joy, pain and dangerously tight jeans. She recently satisfied an urge to study and read big difficult books again by completing an MA in Christian spirituality.

Jane lives in Brighton with her partner, three children, dog, cat and four hens. Her most creative time of the day is the hazy early morning moment between waking and sleep.

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