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Annelise Gray

Annelise Gray

Annelise Gray was born on the island of Bermuda and moved to England when she was eight years old. She grew up riding horses and dreamed quietly of being a writer one day. After doing a PhD in Classics at Newnham College, Cambridge, Annelise worked as a historical researcher for authors and television companies and learned a lot about a variety of subjects ranging from Attila the Hun to labradors. She now teaches Latin to children aged ten and up and is the author of a history of Roman women and a crime novel set in the Roman Republic. Annelise’s first book for children is an adventure story about a girl called Dido who dreams of becoming the first female charioteer to race in the Circus, the greatest sporting stadium in the ancient world.

Annelise lives in Dorset with her husband Julian and hopes one day to own a black labrador called Velvet after the main character in one of her favourite novels, National Velvet. She is an obsessive collector of cookery books.

Represented by Nancy Miles